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The application was made to save time and money on betting.

With just a few clicks we get the best bet suggestion at the selected match.

More than 45 most famous European, Asian, Central and South American leagues in the application.

Forecast for more than 500 football matches on weekends and over the weekend.

Several types of forecasts: Final result, Number of goals, Ht/Ft, Correct score, Both teams to score or not, Home or Away over 1.5 goals etc ...

The button "Choice" to select the best bets from all offered.

By subscribing for a longer period you can get a discount.

About Us


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Autoselect as an application has existed since 2007. and has improved over time.

The team that designed and built the Autoselekt program in bookmaking waters has been in this EX-Yugoslavia area since its inception, since 1998.-

In the beginning there were a few types of games, so it was fun for us to find 7-8 "fixed" on the ticket.

Winning tickets were a rarity and over time we realized that as few pairs as possible were needed at the ticket, with a slightly higher payment.

In the meantime, as the years went on, local bookmakers were releasing new types of games, like pp2-3 or ug4-6, and GG3 + etc ......, and there were more and more leagues on offer , so we had over 500 matches on the weekends, with a small million bets on one pair.

We started to bet in online bookmakers too, so all of the above started to be even more extensive, and therefore even harder to choose a quality bet.

We realized that the only solution was to find a way to reduce the total supply as much as we could.

To get out of our sight all that we think will be a pure waste of time and waste of time, leaving only couples worthy of attention and of course a bet.

Back in 2007, we came up with the idea to make AUTOSELEKT.

It took us about 18 months to test the first version of the program as a demo for free download.

We immediately received the first positive reviews, suggestions for changes, additions, etc …… and so… now Autoselekt is available directly on our website and is functional without the obligation to download and install the program.

We also made a FREE Autoselect Android version (in which free leagues are posted daily), so we can now bet on the plane and in the truck.